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 Zalaszabar - Handbook of Zala county (Zala megye kézikönyve) - Hatvan, CEBA-Hungary Ltd, 1998.jpg

Nyilvános Nyilvános

Accessibility: The village of Zalaszabar lies in eastern Zala, 27 km northeast of Nagykanizsa, 9 km north of the famous spa, Zalakaros. It can be reached by car on an access road of main road No. 7. The railway station is in Keszthely.
Characteristics: The village is first mentioned as Zobor in 1239. Following the Turkish attacks and the recapturing of Kanizsa by Plaquada, the village was rebuilt in the 1690s. Agriculture is significant. The main crops are wheat and corn. There is an enterprise that grows mushrooms, another is engaged in turkey farming. The rate of unemployment is 11%, somewhat higher than the county average. The population has been steadily declining since 1945. The development plans include the building of sidewalks and a sewerage. The Roman Catholic church is a historical monument. The nearby Kis-Balaton is also an attraction.

This text came from the following book:

Title: Handbook of Zala county (Zala megye kézikönyve)
Series: County handbooks of Hungary (Magyarország megyei kézikönyvei)
Chief editor: Hóbor József
Publisher: (Hatvan), CEBA-Hungary Ltd, 1998
ETO: 908.439.121(035) ; 050.8(439.121)
ISBN: 963-9089-18-2
Pages: 488-1040 p.
Remark: Closed on: 1998. márc. 31.